CP Preparatory School Staff

Our highly trained staff is dedicated to supporting the development of all children. Our teachers and support staff use proven methodologies and a highly effective curriculum to help children grow academically, socially, and physically. We regularly participate in professional development in order to improve our skills and offer a better learning experience for the children.

Dawn Montemayor

Established in 1997

I am a mom of 3 great kids who are my pride and joy! I am blessed every day to have over 100 students to educate and love! Please feel free to give me a call if I can answer any questions about our academic program for young children or if you just simply want to share a memory of your child. As always, I pledge to give the best Early Childhood Education possible!

Linda House

School Administration

I have 3 children - Tracey, Robin, and David who are all grown and married. I have 4 grandchildren - Trevor, Tanner, Nick, and Noah, and 3 dogs. I have been with CP Prep since we opened in 2000. For the last 3 years, I have been teaching the Pre-K class. I recently obtained my Child Development Associate and Administration I for Young Children. I am looking forward to many more years here at CP Prep School.

Ruby Wester

School Nutrition/Cook

I am married and have one daughter, Beverly, son-in-law, Daniel and one granddaughter, Brooklynn. Since August 2006, I have been a Pre-K Assistant and Kindergarten Assistant, because I love working with children. It is rewarding to see them learn, grow and enrich their minds with the teaching program at CP Prep. My granddaughter was enrolled here at the age of 2 and continued through the 2nd grade. Her level of reading was 4th grade and math was 3rd grade.

Tracey Trout

Kindergarten Teacher

My name is Tracey Trout and I have taught at C.P. Prep for 13 years, 7 of those years teaching kindergarten. I attended Central Texas Commercial College where I studied business and Eastfield College where I studied Early Childhood Development. I chose a career in teaching instead of business because teaching is where my heart is! Kindergarten is my favorite grade because I know just where they are coming from and exactly where they need to go! I live in Forney with my husband of 5 years, son and two stepdaughters.

Ms. Elizabeth

Early Childhood Education age 2.5 to 3.5

My name is Elizabeth Mejia, I am happily married and have three beautiful children. I have ten years of experience working with young children,and I enjoy teaching and have an opportunity to make a difference in the lives of children by providing them the best environment that encourages their social, emotional, physical and intellectual development.

Ms. Cheryl

pre-k assistant

Hi My name is Cherly McDaniel. I am married and have 3 beautiful boys. It has been a pleasure to work at CP Prep School for the past 3 years. My mother is a teacher and coach and I am following in her footsteps. It is a please every day to touch a young child mind, and heart.

Ms. Shanna

Pre-K Teacher

Hello my name is Shanna Vick and I have been working in Early Childhood education for 18 years. I have been married for 21 years and 3 great kids. I really enjoy teaching young children. Every day children grow and learn and accomplish new things. I have been attending training sessions for Texas School Ready and enjoy learning new ideas to teach my class. I am looking forward to being at CP prep School for many more years to come.

Ms. Mia

Early Childhood Teacher

I have been married to my amazing husband, Roye for 13 years. We have 3 children, Daniel, Shanane and Sydney. I have been working in education for the past 18 years. I love getting to know both the children and their parents. Each child is so unique; preschoolers are so genuine, honest and fun. They see the world so differently and can appreciate all its wonderful properties.

Ms. Erin

Early Childhood Teacher

Photo Coming Soon

Ms. Tammi

Infant and Toddler teacher

Hello my name is Tammi. I have been working with infants for the past 17 years. It bring joy to heart to nurture and love babies every day. I have a schedule for each student’s needs; you are also allowed to bring in your own formula and food for your child. I strive to make my class a family friendly environment and welcome parents to join us if time is allowed.

Ms. Cecilia

Infant/Toddler Assistant

My name is Cesilia Jimenez. I am a classroom assistant for infants and toddlers. I am currently attending college to become a child psychologist. I have been work in Early Childhood Education for over a year and enjoy it very much!

Ms. Wilson

Assistant Infant teacher

Hi my name is Shameon Wilson. I am originally from Palestine Texas. I am delighted to be in the Mesquite Area working at CP prep School. I have 15 years’ experience working with children. I have my associates degree in child development. Working with children is not just a job but my passion and what God has called me to do. I look forward to many more years of making a difference in the live s of children.

Ms. Edith

toddler teacher

My name is Edith Woods. I am a proud grandmother of 3 beautiful girls. I was a Girl Scout leader for 3 1/2 yrs. for my grand daughters . I love teaching toddlers. They amaze me with how quick they learn, their individual personalities they have at such a young age and most of all their excitement and eagerness every day to learn. I am working on my CDA to keep current with all the new ideas for my classroom. There is a lot to be said when I walk into work in the morning and my toddlers clap and yell yay and it’s for me!


toddler/infant assistant

Hello my name is Lina and children are my world! I’m born and raised in Dallas Texas. I am currently studying at UNT in Denton. I come from a large family and have 25 cousins. One of my long term goals is to build an orphanage. The love I have in meeting and helping children is what drove me to teaching infants and toddlers. I really enjoy children and the opportunity to watch then grow and flourish into bright unique individuals. My teaching brings me pure love and joy!

Ms. Brenda

Lead Early childhood teacher

Hi my name is Brenda Villa mother of a beautiful girl Camila. Family is my priority. I am very excited to be part of CP Prep School education team. I love to teach and watch children grow as they strengthen their social, emotional, cognitive and physical skills. I believe in providing a warm and loving atmosphere for all children. I am aware of all students learning styles and help them learn within the classroom. It is important and that every day I make learning fun, exciting and meaningful.

Ms. Rosie

2yrs old Assistant
Hello my name is Rosie Jimenez. I am a mother of wonderful 3 yr. old little girl and a wife to an amazing man. I have been working in Early Childhood Education for 3 years. There is no other joy than knowing you have the ability to give someone else an education. I am currently working on CDA to keep up with current trends in Early Childhood Education.

Ms. E

Elementary teacher
Mrs. E grew up in Los Angeles, CA and lived there for 23 years until she relocated to Texas. I currently resides in Grand Prairie, TX with her husband and son. Inspired by her father whom has worked in Education for 30 years, I ventured to Liberty University and obtained her Bachelor’s Degree in Education. Living  in Arizona, Mrs. E, taught  3rd grade students. Her motivation for teaching is seeing the dependent child become independent and self-assured.  I am a detailed teacher making sure all my milestones are met for each student and children are academically challenged as needed.  I look forward to meeting with my parents to set goal and expectations for each student.
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